Guest Room Renovations

HSC provides high quality and timely guest room renovation and preventative maintenance services that make your rooms shine! We provide a full service renovation or a selection of our services including but not limited to the following:


Painting Doors, Frames, Baseboards, and Ceilings

Our professional team inspects all doors and frames for damages, paints, and repairs minor nicks and scratches. Our team will document and report any damages or malfunctions to the door hinges, swing, or locking mechanism. We also clean and paint baseboards and ceilings.

Touching Up Furniture

Room Furniture Touch-Up and Repair

We provide a thorough cleaning and inspection of all room furniture including touching up any surface damage from normal wear and tear as well as documenting and reporting any abnormal conditions. In addition, all light bulbs are checked and replaced if burnt out.

Cleaning horizontal fcu

HVAC Coil Cleaning and Filters

The HSC team provides HVAC coil cleaning and filter replacement for hotel guest rooms. Our team inspects the FCU for any visible abnormal conditions, cleans the evaporator coil for maximum efficiency, and vacuums dirt and debris inside and outside of the unit housing.

We will also flush the condensate pan drain line and insert a new pan tablet in each pan. Supply grill and bathroom exhaust fan cleaning is available.


Bathroom Caulk and Grout

Our well-trained team provides the staffing needed to complete the important but tedious job of cleaning or re-grouting guest room bath showers, floors, and bathtubs. Our team also removes and replaces existing bathroom caulk leaving your guest bathrooms looking clean and new.


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We can customize a proposal to meet your guest room maintenance needs. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary on-site visit.