Guest Room Energy Management System


Hotel Service Corp. offers a full service guest room Energy Management System (EMS) for hotels and timeshares. This leading-edge solution features the Energex Dream smart thermostat, PIR sensors, real-time mobile app dashboard, integrated setback algorithm, and more. A guest room EMS that connects through your current wifi network to maximum efficiency and energy savings.

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Room Controller and Gateway in One Smart Device

Energex is the first Wi‐Fi room controller and gateway in one smart device. Energex is the first hospitality Wi‐Fi smart thermostat that connects directly to the cloud from the guest room. No additional cabling, routers, on‐site servers or mesh network is needed! Energex provides significant energy savings by adjusting the unoccupied guest room temperature to the most efficient setpoint using artificial intelligence and cloud‐based algorithms.

Wireless Energex Dream Thermostat Specifications:

4.88” (124mm) wide x 4.92” (125mm) tall x 1.42” (36mm) deep.
Heat/Cool Terminals:
RH, RC, B, W1, O, Y1, GL, GH, W2, C, Y2
Electrical Ratings:
1.5 amps per terminal @ 24 volts
Temperature Control Range:
• Temp Low/High Limit control: 41°F to 95°F
• Display range: 59°F to 81°F
• Temperature Differential: Adjustable from .25°F to 2.2.5°F
• Accuracy 1°F over a range of 45°F to 90°F
Environmental Limits:
• Moisture and Dust: Meets IP20
• Operating Humidity: 20% to 90% (non-condensing)
• Operating Temperature: 14 F to 122 F
• Storage Temperature: 40F to 140F
Wi-Fi Connectivity:
• 2.4GHz: 802.11b/g/n
• SHA256RSA data encryption
• Network commissioning through iOS/Android app or WPS
• Program and system settings stored on the device for set p and function with or without Wi-Fi
Compatible With: • Universal compatibility for conventional heat and A/C up to 2-stage heat/2-stage cool-FCU/PTAC
• Universal compatibility for heat pumps - 2-stage heat/2-stage cool (including AUX/EMERG heat)
• 2 and 3-wire heat only hydronic systems (hot water base boards and radiator)
• Up to 6-way valve capacity
Available Voltages:
24v, 120v, 208v, 230v, 265v – 0-10volt systems are available
Color Choices:
White or Black glass front panel with navigation control dial
Remote Sensors
PIR Occupancy, Door, Humidity, Temperature

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Wireless PIR Motion Detector

The use of imported low power processor combined with artificial code technology, intelligent judgment of human identification, effectively overcome the false alarm. Wide detection area, 110-degree detection angle and up to 39’ detection distance. Built in millions of address codes, convenient and high reliability. Low power consumption, with a longer life. Anti-white light, low voltage alert function.

Wireless PIR Motion Detector Specifications:
Operating Voltage: 3V
Static current/Working current: <15uA/<22mA
Emission frequency: 433Mhz
Transmitting power: ≤13dBm
Batteries: (2) Two AA (included)
Detection Degree: 110°
Detection Distance: Up to 39’
Working temperature: 14°F+131°F
Installation Way: Wall hanging or Ceiling Mounted
Installation height: 2.5-6M
Item Size: 4.25” Diameter x 1.25” High
Item Weight: 84g

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Wireless Magnetic Door/Window Contact

The use of imported low power processor combined with artificial code technology, provide reliable wireless transmission for door or window open and close events. Built in millions of address codes, convenient and high reliability. Low power consumption, with a longer life. Anti-white light, low voltage alert function.

Wireless Magnetic Door/Window Contact
Static Voltage: DC 3V
Static current/Working current: > 7uA
Emission frequency: 433Mhz
Transmitting power: ≤13dBm
Batteries: (1) Lithium CR2450
Alarm Gap: > 14mm
Working temperature: 40F – 130F
Working humidity: < 95%
Code send time: 2.23S
Installation Way: Door and Frame
Transmitter Size: 3” L x 1.25” W x .5” H
Magnet Size: 2” L x .875” W x .5” H
Transmitter Weight: 23.5g
Magnet Weight: 11g


Energy Management Mobile App and Web-Based Platform

The intelligence from outside temperature, humidity, time of day and weather conditions provide various real time logic inputs to Energex for the ideal temperature setbacks and recovery time during unoccupied periods.

The combination of the Sage web‐based platform and the Energex Thermostat gateway allows a building owner, manager or Director of Operations to receive live alerts, equipment usage trending, maintenance reports and real‐time occupancy room status.

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Customizable Background and Message

Communicate with your guest more personally and more intuitively. Easily customize your Energex screen and update the background and messages including welcome, farewell and other soft messages via Sage platform. Measure, manage and respond to information right from your smart phone to save time, money and optimize the health and performance of every HVAC unit in real time.



An Energex Guest Room Energy Management System can save you money every hour of the day!


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Available Built-in Options

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