Mold Remediation


HSC provides extensive services for mold remediation including duct cleaning, antimicrobial agents, encapsulation, HEPA VAC and Bio-Wash, as well as, air scrubber and air purification. These services are performed in a discreet manner in order to not draw attention from the guests as to the type of work being performed.


Setting up Containment in a guest room with negative air

Setting up containment in Common area

Preparation and Containment

Containment will be set up to ensure that debris is not dispersed outside the HVAC system during cleaning. Measures will be employed to control odors and or mist vapors during the process.

The use of a negative air machine will be incorporated as a particulate collection device and will be operated continuously during the process. The opening of the supply and return grills will be sealed and the negative air machine will be connected to the area being cleaned such that the containment of debris and the protection of the indoor environment are assured. Negative air machine will use HEPA filtration and the equipment will have a collection efficiency of 99.97% at .3-micron particle size, including hand held vacuums and wet vacuums.



Duct Cleaning

Air ducts shall be cleaned to remove all non-adhered substances so that they can pass NADCA cleanliness verification tests. All service openings shall be large enough to accommodate mechanical cleaning procedures and allow for cleanliness verification.

HEPA Vac and mechanical agitation method will be used to remove particle, debris, and surface contamination for non-fiberglass ducts and HEPA Vacuum only for fiberglass ducts. No cleaning method shall be used that will damage the duct or HVAC components. All dampers and air-directional mechanical device positions shall be marked prior to cleaning the system and returned to the marked position. Cleanliness verification shall be performed in accordance with NADCA Standard section 5.

HEPA VAC cleaning of common area duct

Non-adhered substances removed


Applying antimicrobial agent into a guest room air duct

Applying fosters 40/20 encapsulation on a wall prior to replacement of drywall

Antimicrobial Agent and Encapsulation

Antimicrobial agent will be applied on active biological growth after completion of the air duct cleaning of the contaminated areas. In addition, application of antimicrobial agent will be applied after the removal of surface deposits and debris. All antimicrobial agents will be applied in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s written recommendations and EPA registration listing. 

The air duct or contaminated area will be encapsulated with Fosters 40/20 antimicrobial paint after the antimicrobial agent has been applied on any active biological growth.



Bio-wash and Deep Clean

HEPA vacuum and or bio-wash will be used to clean all room contents and room surfaces to include walls and ceilings. Air purifiers will be used for 24 hours during the entire process. 


All work to be performed at or above the HCRC 2008 2nd Edition of the S520 Standards and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation, NADCA general specifications for the cleaning and restoration of commercial HVAC guidelines and ACR NADCA Standard 2013.


Bio-washing down all surFaces

Bio-washing down all surFaces

Final Clean up

Final Clean up



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