Maintenance Tracking

HSC provides a unique maintenance tracking system that includes a real-time progress app and daily reports.


HSC Hotelchecker WEB-portal dashboard

HotelChecker Dashboard

HotelChecker's web-portal allows for Hotel Service Corporation's on-site project manager to assign multiple PM tasks to different individual technicians performing the services within the same guest room or common area. 

The web-portal allows for customization for condition type, PM tasks, items, categories, and room/equipment lists. All PM tasks can be standardized through the web-portal to meet the minimum standards of each hotel. Custom reports can be generated and queried by date, tech, PM type and open issues. 


Upon completion of the project, HSC provides you with an extensive maintenance tracking report.



The HSC room/equipment inspection report provides detail documentation of a specific room on a specific day. Full property reports can also be generated showing open PM issues. All reports can be customized by quering date, technician, task type and open issues.


The HSC technician assigned report tasks completed for all, or just a single room/equipment for a selected date range with photographs of any open issues. The report can be exported as a pdf or excel spreadsheet.



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